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The Hybrids are Here: Advancing a Career in Marketing Management 2.0

The Hybrids are Here: Advancing a Career in Marketing Management 2.0


Technological innovations are hitting the mass market at increasingly faster intervals, and the ever-accelerating pace of change continues to disrupt industries across the board. The digital disruption is especially palpable for those who work in marketing. Rapid advances in communication not only offer brands and businesses the opportunity to influence their customers with highly personalised and targeted marketing messages, but also to measure the success of those efforts, therefore empowering accuracy and insight. 

As agencies and corporate departments scramble to attract and retain qualified talent to perform marketing functions that did not even exist five years ago, we’re seeing a rising demand for industry professionals who possess a mixed bag of skills and expertise. Next-generation marketing professionals who want to advance a career to management level must acquire hybrid capabilities and learn to excel in all areas contributing to modern marketing success. 

Hybrid Proficiency #1: Earning the attention of an increasingly discerning audience
HubSpot, a leading Inbound Marketing agency, defines inbound as making marketing that people love: “By creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.” 

This may sound simple enough but, with the steady rise of search engine-empowered consumers who practice highly selective consumption of the marketing messages they receive, hybrid marketers have their work cut out for them when it comes to keeping abreast of shifts in human interests and behaviour.  

Hybrid Proficiency #2: Commitment to ongoing industry education 
Candidates with management potential must consistently show a high capacity for lifelong learning. Keeping up with market trends and technological advances is no longer enough - ambitious marketing professionals are formalising their experience in the field through industry-relevant education designed to develop varied areas of awareness and practical competencies.

The future leaders of this industry will be talented, tech-savvy writers, project managers and strategic planners, with a strong sense of finance and broader business objectives. Hybrid marketing managers are well-versed in established and emerging core marketing disciplines, building fully integrated campaigns, and executing tasks that drive real results. 

Hybrid Proficiency #3: Measuring success for results that impact the bottom line
Without the know-how to track and measure the success of marketing campaigns across web, mobile, social, search, and content platforms, marketing professionals hoping to advance to management level will be left behind. The digital disruption may be messy and unpredictable - but it is highly rewarding opportunity to better understand data patterns and customer interactions that accurately prove return on investment (ROI) across today’s multi-channel campaigns. 

Do you want to prove yourself as a highly-capable hybrid professional and fast-track your career in Marketing Management? 

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