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Hot Skill, Hard to Find: the Global Call for Project Managers

Hot Skill, Hard to Find: the Global Call for Project Managers


Looking for a recession-proof career and a skillset in high demand? The global need for skilled project managers with formal education in the field is on the rise, and the trend towards projectisation is showing no signs of slowing down.

Projectisation: the best way to do business?
Organisations are increasingly aware of the value of hiring skilled professionals to lead their endeavours to successful conclusion. Research conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) reveals that the demand for skilled and knowledgeable project management professionals continues to rise at a global level. The available resources in the current job market, however, do not match this rise in demand. In other words, the next few years present the perfect opportunity for interested individuals to enter the project management industry: salaries are high and skilled professionals are scarce.

This opportunity does not solely extend to individuals already sporting the title “project manager”. Today, project management skills are increasingly popular in various roles a number of industries, including marketing, media, IT, government, service, financial, retail, and telecommunications. Many people working in these industries may already be working as project managers, even if their organisations do not consider project management a significant part of what they do. 

Effective project managers are a rare breed
The high demand for individuals skilled in this area comes with equally high expectations – employers looking to recruit a project manager are seeking professionals who possess formal training in the industry, and are finding value in sending their current employees on courses in order to develop these skills. 

The rise in the demand for skilled project managers is not just a global statistic. There is a pressing and urgent need for well-educated project managers across the different sectors in South Africa specifically, as illustrated by the generous salaries available for those interested in exploring project management as a career path.

How to position yourself as one of these highly-valued individuals
If you’re interested in launching or advancing a career in this industry, formalising your project management skills with a recognised qualification is the route to go. The value of hands-on project management experience is exponentially increased when coupled with an official qualification from a respected tertiary institution. 

The University of Cape Town, in a timely response to this growing need for qualified project managers, has partnered with premier online education provider GetSmarter to offer working professionals the opportunity to earn an industry-aligned qualification while retaining full-time employment: applications for the UCT Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management, presented entirely online, are now open.

If you’re interested in furthering your career by enrolling for this pioneering programme, download the programme information pack for the online UCT Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management and apply today

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