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Project Management: Choosing the Right Course to Advance Your Career

Project Management: Choosing the Right Course to Advance Your Career

Nearly 70% of South African employers promise a dynamic career path for those with strong project management capabilities. The growing complexity of today’s business environment means that if you possess formal qualifications in project management, you are not only more likely to advance quickly within your organisation, but you’re also more likely to enjoy a diverse range of possible career paths as a result of the growing demand for your highly transferable skill set.

In today’s competitive job market, specialised knowledge and skills are at a premium. But what if you can’t just drop everything to take a year or two off to study further and formalise your experience in the field of project management?

Online learning might be your ideal solution. The University of Cape Town, in partnership with GetSmarter, now offers three industry-aligned programmes in project management designed to address the country’s demand for this vital skill by making top-tier courses accessible to professionals who work full-time.

Consider which of these project management programmes may be right for you:


Have you identified the right UCT project management course to accelerate your career advancement in this exciting field? Download the information pack for your chosen programme:

UCT Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management

UCT Project Management Foundations short course
UCT Advanced Project Management short course

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