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6 Sure-fire Tactics to Motivate Your Team to Produce Great Work

6 Sure-fire Tactics to Motivate Your Team to Produce Great Work

When you have a highly motivated team,  you also have a highly productive team. Successful project managers in 2016 will be the ones that motivate their team through the power of engagement.

1. Use the power of individual team member goals

When you set goals that are tailored to an individual, you tap into their aspirations and need to self-actualise. Meaningful goals transform their aspirations into tangible and reachable objects, and motivate them to commit and act with intent.   

2. Share your personal productivity tips

Give your team a crash course in PM basics. They can apply these basics to their own personal workflow, and get more done, faster.

3. Build the team up with a professional development plan

A PDP will help your team develop new skills and competencies - which in turn will empower them with a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

4. Give your team permission to "fail and learn"

People want to make their own decisions and feel like they’re in control. This motivates them to push even harder as they’re committed to making their ideas work.

5. Celebrate the victories - no matter how small

Even if it’s only a small efficiency gain in a process, team members who know their contributions are being acknowledged and rewarded will be more motivated to contribute further to the project.

6. Turn team meetings into problem-solving sessions

Get your team involved in solving the collective issues, problems or challenges that face a project at the time. This will encourage greater engagement, which in turn will align and motivate the team.

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